About Streaming

About Live Streaming

The distributed OS and system requirements supported by this service are as follows.

However, problems may occur when streaming due to the specifications of the device you are viewing with as well as network and security conditions.

System Requirements
Component Recommended Configuration
(PC/Smart Phone/Tablet Device)
Operating System

Windows 7 or later

Mac OS X 10.5 or later

iOS6 or later

Android 4.0 or later

Internet Browser

Internet Explorer 11 or later

FireFox (Latest Version)

Google Chrome (Latest Version)

Safari (* except Windows OS Version)

*Except for Safari, all browsers must be installed with Adobe Flash Player 11 or later.

Memory 1 GB over
Sound Cards 16 bit sound cards (PC)
Video Cards or Display Higher resolution than SVGA (800 x 600 pixels)
Sound Output Device Speaker or Headset

If videos are not displayed...

If videos are not displayed, the following issues may be causing the problem:

1.Flash Player is not installed. (Devices other than Mac OS/iOS)
Install the latest version of Flash Player from the Adobe Inc. website.

2.When viewing from inside a corporate LAN, restrictive security could be in place.
Please contact your system manager.

Video and sound are interrupted in streaming.

The problem may be due to the following:

-> Traffic in the network is very busy or your Internet Service Provider's backbone is thin.
->Performance of your PC is inadequate, e.g. CPU or memory is not fast enough and gets overloaded.
      In this case, the performance of the player or the machine itself may be decreased.
These problems may be improved by trying the following actions.
      - Close other programs.
      - Reload the page.
      - Restart your computer.
      - Shutdown the network device and restart it.

If the above fails to improve the situation, the connection speed may be too low.
Broadband connection or Wi-Fi connection is recommended for efficient streaming contents delivery.

Video is playing but no sound.

The settings of your computer may be the cause. Check if;

- your computer is equipped with a speaker.
- the speaker is an external one, and is switched on and connected properly.
- the sound is not set to "Mute".

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